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If you’re asking “What’s IELTS?”, this lesson is definitely for you. You’ll have all the info you need to know about this popular English proficiency exam. For more free IELTS information, see and

A fascinating mini-lecture about words connected with electricity. If you’re fascinated by etymology (origins of words) you’ll love this!

Dr. Diane Shubinsky explains three Academic Reading Skills: Main Ideas, Cause & Effect and Inference. Instructions on how to understand what you read in English. We call this Reading Comprehension.

An IELTS academic reading by This video is part 1 — key strategies and practice before the test. It teaches important concepts for IELTS reading section. Follow us on Facebook at This video is a part in a series that teaches the steps necessary to achieve a high score, between 7 to 9, on the IETLS reading section questions. The series is separated into three sections: 1. Introduction with Example, 2. Key Strategies and Planning, 3. Specific question strategies. This series will teach you the skills that will help you to reach success on this question in the 60 minute time limit. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure to practice. It is important to try different types of question for the reading, so you can think quickly and logically. Practice will help with speed and comprehension of reading. Enjoy.

An introduction to this tricky question type: Yes/No/Not Given (or True/False/Not Given).

Although it’s not directly applicable to the IELTS test, this introduction to reading academic articles will get you off on the right foot.


How to read and analyze academic research. Very good for anyone reading outside their normal sphere of expertise.